Wednesday, July 16, 2014

07-16-14 LYDIA KAY.... $8,000.00, DEADLINE... 08.08.14 8:00PM!

One of our own, Lydia Miller, has just started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for her EP “Photograph”.  (This money will go towards studio time, producing/mixing, musicians, traveling expenses, promotion and other necessities along the way.)

This whole thing kicked off when the music mastering was donated by a Grammy award winning company Gateway Mastering out of Maine.  One of their clients wanted to pay it forward and donate it actually, "to someone of Gateway Mastering’s choosing"... and they chose Lydia!

I just watched her Kickstarter video, and I admit I was shocked.  
I had no idea that she had that kind of talent.  

I hope that I have intrigued you enough to take a peak at the page.  
She’s such a great part of our team at The Country Shops, I really want to help her succeed :)
It will take all of us!

Did I mention that her video is a Staff Pick by Kickstarter?

We will be playing her Kickstarter video in the Country Shops for the next few weeks if anyone doesn’t have access to the internet or a computer.  There will also be a "Not Kickstarter Friendly, I Just Want To Donate" can in the front room for donations if you want to donate, but aren't into the internet much.


To contact Lydia for more info:  260-446-7753 or or Facebook:

VIP...FUNDING ENDS ON  08-08-14 at 8pm!!!

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