Thursday, May 3, 2012


This Post serves as the info for IPFW students intending to be involved in the Feature in May

I must have a digital copy of the
 photograph (s) no more than 4 each....they are going to hang, sent from THEIR email to with IPFW FEATURE in the subject, no later than May 7th.  It Cannot come from Jim's email and then be forwarded to me.  When this is done there is no way for me to easily contact an individual/entrant if there are any questions.  Each individual needs to be responsible for themselves.  I will NOT accept the entry unless it comes directly from the entrant.  

All Photos must have a clearly written label securely attached to the back bottom left of their finished project.  (NO post it notes on glass or poorly attached labels)  The label must include your full name, name of photo if applicable and price if applicable, (note the gallery commission is 40%) if you are not pricing indicate by NFS. 

All Photos MUST have a secure wire hanger attached.  If they do not they will not hang.  
All Photos MUST be family friendly!

All of the students/entrants MUST Drop off their OWN photos and sign their OWN paper work at the gallery by May 15th!I If they wish to deal with me directly I am usually in Grabill on Tues and Thurs from 10-4 May 8,10,15 in the coffee cabin and they can ask for me at the gallery.  I have a grandchild due and will be taking some time off so if you could email me and let me know when you are bringing your work out I can make arrangements for your paper work to be ready for you if I cannot be there.  

Everything that is required is clearly laid out on the blog at "gallery guidelines and info for submission " tab.  I encourage each student/entrant to check it out in it's entirety, 
If things are entered incorrectly or late they will NOT be able to hang.  

If there are questions please direct them to the

The show Opens on May 26th during normal business hours 10-5.  You are encouraged to publicize this on your blogs, websites and facebooks.  ( we will do the same) You may arrange your individual "meet and greet" time that you will be there if you wish.  Your photos will be taken down on June 18th and ready for pickup AFTER noon that day.  Please pick up as promptly as possible.  the gallery hours are mon-sat.  10-5

Thank you, Tanya Myers, Gallery Coordinator

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