Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 To Access the Gallery you have to walk thru the Spacious Market Place at The Country Shops, that is now our New Flea Market!!  This has been alot of fun, and is growing fast!  Since the Flea Market is our neighbor we thought we would start hi-lighting some of the vendors!!

Our First Hi-lite is also our Featured Artist in the Gallery this month....Larry Ehrman~Country Artist.  Larry does beautiful oil paintings!, and took 3rd Place in the New Life Contest in the Gallery last month!  He also has a regular booth as you enter the Market Place on your way to the gallery!  His paintings are one of a kind and definitely worth stopping by to see!

Our second Hi-lite is Michelle, Rachel, and Sammy Brown, They make beautiful one of a kind handmade jewelry, crocheted scarves, hats, and hair pieces!  They also have some really unique and local fossils! books, and other trinkets!  A must see!!  They share their booth with Sherry Berry of Quilts n Herbs, she makes beautiful hand pieced quilts, wall hangings, hot pads etc...some are even hand quilted!  she is a multi Blue ribbon recipient in local competitions!  Both designers take orders as well!! They are located to the far right corner by the window and main road as you enter the Market Place. This is a fantastic booth and worth seeing!!

  Our third Hi-Lite   Amanda Zimmerman she has a wonderful booth!! She creates the most dainty, whimsical Tu-Tu's!!  and no slip hair accessory's!!  Every little girls dream!!  These are a huge hit and a must have for every little girl ...just ask my Granddaughter!  They would make the perfect Birthday Gift! Or at such good prices just a fun any day gift!!
Our Fourth and last Hi-Lite, (for now) is  Alice Feasel! this is a warm and snuggly booth!! She makes adorable dolls, animals, dinosaurs, slippers, neck warmers etc!!  they are scrumptious and so soft to cuddle!  I think they would make fabulous Easter Basket stuffer!! She is located just in side the Market Place entry to the Right!  She takes custom orders as well!!

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